Books by Apple

Human Parts

In a society where interestingness can be bought, average kid-next-door Cash gets the chance of a lifetime: to move up the meritocracy ladder with a personality transplant. After becoming smarter literally overnight, they now have to figure out where the old self meets the new — and which of them they like better.

“Human parts” is a reference to the soul, in a social sci-fi setting where personality traits and human characteristics are biologically “soul parts” that can be added or removed from a person.

Human Parts is in its first draft stage. When completed, it is expected to be a short story or a novella, depending on the final word count.

Makoltaverse / Stardust

Makoltaverse is a fictional literary universe set in the titular city of Makolta, which is based on a futuristic Metro Manila.

The project will contain stories of diverse lengths, casts, formats and arcs, each exploring a different side of Makolta and the Vermillion Event: the mysterious, false apocalypse that brought magic and aliens into the world.

Project Stardust is the main body of work in the Makoltaverse library. It follows childhood friends Chang and Philo, who were separated at the “false apocalypse” only to reconnect a decade later.

What should have been a bittersweet reunion is thwarted by missing memories, bizarre superpowers, memory-hunting aliens, a shady intelligence agency, and a romantic rival or two.

Project Stardust is in its first rewrites stage. It is expected to be completed and published as a web novel by 2025 or later.