Category: In Real Life

Chronicling real life events, updates and occurrences. Some information on these entries may be outdated, sometimes including the opinions and feelings contained in them.

  • March ’24 Wrap-up

    March ’24 Wrap-up

    An offline kind of month, at least for the blog.

  • February ’24 Wrap-up

    February ’24 Wrap-up

    A decent month for goal momentum, and a perfect month for memories. Check out my big life update!

  • January ’24 Wrap-up

    January ’24 Wrap-up

    A good month for reading, writing, journaling and film-watching, if nothing else. Check out my nerdy tracker stats, and a rundown of my media consumption.

  • On lost stories

    Rambling about past/future selves again, but with more written words to my name. (Originally posted on Substack.)

  • Isolation Journals: Past/Future Me

    Day 7 of The Isolation Journals. Remembering my last journal entry about meeting my inner child, I decided to meet her on purpose in my meditation.

  • IRL, Lately: 11/11 and other synchronicities

    In the spirit of “actual” blogging, some November activities: reading, writing, witchcraft and SMW Manila.

  • A year to nourish | Goals for 2018

    Jotting down my goals for 2018, the year of nourishment.

  • Adjourn, make a mess, forgive 2017

    Read about the 5-day journaling challenge I’m cohosting with my idol, Sofia Cope.