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Maybe this is what you came for. Content warning for raw portrayals and chronicles of lived experiences with mental illness.

  • On lost stories

    Rambling about past/future selves again, but with more written words to my name. (Originally posted on Substack.)

  • On status anxiety, roots, and even more inner work

    On status anxiety, roots, and even more inner work

    I write about rejection sensitivity, the notion of losing love, and the resurfacing of younger selves. (Originally posted on Substack.)

  • On inner child work

    On inner child work

    Baby Apple’s dreams, anxieties, pursuits, and the way she persists into the present. (Originally posted on Substack.)

  • From the drafts

    As I battle my fear of being seen, here are some excerpts from letters I wrote and never published. (Originally posted on Substack.)

  • Enough is enough

    Oversharing little griefs again: the only pathway I know into writing again. (Originally posted on Substack.)

  • The Isolation Journals: Dead Wrong

    In response to an Isolation Journals prompt, I’m thinking about an on-again off-again friend I was wrong about.

  • how to come back from the dead

    A Halloween-meets-depressive-episode list about returning from the dark place.

  • The Isolation Journals: Memory Mixtape

    Day 8 of The Isolation Journals. A mixtape for five different memories.