Tag: scribbles

  • From the drafts

    As I battle my fear of being seen, here are some excerpts from letters I wrote and never published. (Originally posted on Substack.)

  • What color is your heart?

    My blogging life began on the now-defunct Multiply.com, where I went through a phase of posting personality questionnaires and quizzes. There’s one still imprinted on my memory: what color is your heart? Mine, allegedly, was blue.

  • An apology for every lost day

    Writing about the difficulty of writing again (ha!)

  • Finding my purpose in advocacy

    Mulling on my journey into advocacy.

  • This is an apology letter. [Fiction excerpt]

    A short fiction piece that I never completed.

  • A Lonely Letter

    Yet another journal entry about heartbreaks, spurred by yet another sleepless night.

  • Truth Thursday: We Have Forgotten

    Resurfacing a very old scribble dedicated to past loves (and heartbreaks).