IRL, Lately: 11/11 and other synchronicities

In the spirit of “actual” blogging, some November activities: reading, writing, witchcraft and SMW Manila.

Housekeeping note: This entry used to have images which were lost in migration. Accept my apologies over what this post could have been.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have picked up on the hint that I had hit a special new low. After a couple months of pretending I had any fight left in me, I left the metropolis to put my health first.

This week, though, I had scheduled plans with Louie so I came back down from the province to spend a few days in the city. This short period really refreshed my belief in synchronicities: 11/11 (the mystical occasion over the marketing one) and the full moon got me feeling anxious, then energized, then purged, then uplifted, then a little bit healed.

It’s the first time all year that things felt “in place.”

In the spirit of “actual” blogging, some November activities:

  • Finished the first two books of Percy Jackson and the Olympians! I do wish I’d read it sooner, but it’s come at such a fine time in my life. I’ve started reading about polytheists and deity worship among modern witches.
  • My healing stones, some of whom I bought a few years ago for collection, are starting to come out and bond with me. Needing something to alternate with tarot, I’m practicing pendulum and crystal divination methods. It’s refreshing!
  • I attended Social Media Week Manila, which my former company organized and hosted. It was nice being in the arena of creative ideas again; I’d forgotten how much that energy excites me.
  • I’m doing NaNoWriMo, but my word count goal will have to be reconsidered while I get over some laptop hurdles. 🙁
  • In case you’re feeling generous, you can support me by buying me a coffee. While I’m still getting comfortable with throwing this link around, some cool folks on the Internet remind me that I deserve to be materially supported for my creativity.
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