how to come back from the dead

A Halloween-meets-depressive-episode list about returning from the dark place.

  1. Wait for the full moon. It doesn’t have to be a full moon—pick any night you feel fullest, closest to alive.
  2. Gather three to five personal possessions. Something you can hold, preferably, or smell or taste; something to keep you here a while longer, until the ghosts begin to wear off.
  3. Remove from your person the parts or things that are better off unliving.
  4. Bury them.
  5. Compose a prayer.
  6. Say your prayer.
  7. Sit up from your resting place, slowly, patiently, determinedly. Take as long as necessary. Grasp the crumbled earth with your fingers. Inhale the collapsed air.
  8. When you are ready, get on your knees. Honor the parts of you that didn’t make it. Bid farewell. Bless the parts that made it back.
  9. You are simultaneously creator and creation, a giver and a gift, and you have every right to be here.
  10. Live.
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