Five years in the Philippines

A very short letter to my home country, after spending five years here.

Housekeeping note: This entry used to have images which were lost in migration. Accept my apologies over what this post could have been.

Yesterday was my fifth anniversary with the Philippines.

On June 5, 2010, my plane landed in rainy, grey Philippines. Back then it was just one big strange place to me, until Manila taught me to say “Manila.” And in the years between then and now there has also been Sorsogon, Nigui, Tanay, Baguio and much more still to see. So now it’s Philippines again.

You’re mostly shitty, PH, but you can be great sometimes. You’ve given me libraries and mountains, you’ve given me music and people I don’t know how to live without anymore. It’s been a long ride. On this day every year, I realize just how long it’s been and how much I’ve been through since. You’ve done strange things to me. You’ve changed me for better or worse.

One day I hope to change you too. 🍎

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