Hacking self-love on a bad day

Getting through an ugly patch with a list.

Since I’ve been having a rough patch, I thought I’d take a page out of my friend Sonya’s book and hack my self-love with a list. So here’s a list of things I like or love about myself.

I love, first and foremost, that I’m a word-weaver. I love how words come together for me like a magical power I’ve had since I was a child.

I love my chubby cheeks and the hidden dimple in my right cheekbone that only comes out when I offer the biggest smile I can muster.

I love my hair, whatever state it’s in.

I love that I’m a fast-learner. This has allowed me to learn a lot of mini-skills such as tarot, basic web coding, a little ukulele, and a good amount of graphic design.

I love how people approach me for problems, advice, and confessions. I pride myself on being a really good listener.

I love how I can adopt a person’s mannerisms to relate to them and make them comfortable around me.

I love that I read people really well, which helps me make sound judgments without making my mind up about a person completely. I can see a person’s flaws but still appreciate what I do like about them.

I love that I don’t need a lot of make-up before I like how I look.

I love the color of my skin.

I love my legs.

I love my long, full nails. I love my tiny wrists and slender hands.

I love that I can paint and am proud of my paintings.

I love that I have a lot of creative ideas for projects.

And the list goes on.

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2 responses to “Hacking self-love on a bad day”

  1. hindi na na pala secret :( Avatar
    hindi na na pala secret 🙁

    I love all these things about you too! esp. the cheeks and your so called “Chinese” hands! This list reminds me of the special project I have! Remind me about it again when you have a bad day! 😀

    1. Apple Avatar

      You’re sweet. Thanks, Cake 🙂

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