Series: The Isolation Journals

“The Isolation Journals” was a quarantine journaling project created by Suleika Jaouad. A different journaling prompt landed in my inbox every day, and sometimes I posted them here.

  • The Isolation Journals: Dead Wrong

    In response to an Isolation Journals prompt, I’m thinking about an on-again off-again friend I was wrong about.

  • The Isolation Journals: First Line

    Last night I dreamed I went to Manderley again. Though by Manderley, I mean Mahooz: the last neighborhood I lived in before leaving Bahrain.

  • The Isolation Journals: Memory Mixtape

    Day 8 of The Isolation Journals. A mixtape for five different memories.

  • The Isolation Journals: Inside Seeing

    Day 6 of The Isolation Journals. Something happened that night that I haven’t experienced since my active reiki days. Something mundanely mystical.

  • The Isolation Journals: Glorious awkwardness

    Day 4 of The Isolation Journals. I’m standing at a food stall on campus when my happy crush, whom I’d only ever liked from afar, picks the same food stall to buy water from.

  • The Isolation Journals: Postcards from home

    Day 3 of The Isolation Journals. Today’s prompt is to write a travel entry from your own home; to explore your place of quarantine like it’s a foreign land.

  • The Isolation Journals: Fine/Not Fine

    Day 2 of The Isolation Journals. Sometimes you want to talk about your sadness like it’s the weather. It’s a damn shame but it is what it is. We don’t have to dwell.

  • The Isolation Journals: Can I call this grief?

    Day 1 of the Isolation Journals. While the feeling is specifically rooted in the global situation, it stretches out, connecting to a much earlier time.